How to Take Three Steps Toward Becoming Physically Fit

December 14, 2016

If you are going to join a club or fitness center, check out several.

Most clubs and fitness centers will give you a free trial pass for at least one session. There are many criteria you should consider.

First of all, is it in a location that is convenient to where you live and/or work? If it is going to take a long time to get there, you will find yourself starting to avoid the trip – especially in bad weather.
Visit at the time of day or evening that you would normally attend. How crowded is it? Is it difficult to find a parking space?
How polite and pleasant is the staff? Are they willing to answer questions without pressuring you to join?
Do others in your age range work out there?
If you are planning to attend classes, are there classes given that you would enjoy?
How about the physical condition? Is the club clean? Do you like the layout? If you plan to swim, is there a pool to your liking? How are the locker rooms?
What machines do they offer and are there enough of the ones you prefer to use available?
Once you’ve decided on a facility, be sure to ask about membership “deals.” Many clubs will negotiate prices, but you need to ask if you plan to bargain.

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